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Distro at events includes a free zine library with over 100 zines available to borrow and a selection of 50 free zines available to keep.

             The zine library and distro survives on donations and purchases via the website. If you would like to volunteer, please get in touch!

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Your Beautiful Bruised Legs Issue #2
a poetry zine featuring writing by Alfredo Landa, Nicole Berenger, Spencer Hudson, Amanda Capps and Jeana Harris.
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Intro To Feminism
a simple introduction to feminism for those with no previous experience with feminism. Topics include slut shaming, rape and sexual assault, sexist language and misogyny.
Your Beautiful Bruised Legs Issue #1
a poetry zine featuring writing by Jeana Harris over a collage of personal treasures, letters, photographs and love notes.
Love Yourself, Babe      
a zine about self care. Featuring articles about self love, living on a minimum wage part-time job, self harm, learning to love yourself, journaling and more.
Training Men To Be Rapists     
a transcript of a speech from the 2012 Boise SlutWalk, this is a zine about rape culture-- a culture that normalizes, excuses, and enforces rape and trains men to be rapists.
Boise Zine Distro & Library
Trash Heap #1   
a personal zine about traveling, train hopping, punk shows, masturbation, church, and other stuff.
Trash Heap #2   
the second edition in the trash heap series; this issues focuses on bike riding, more traveling, crazy ex texts, break ups and bob dylan, book reviews and shitty jobs. 
The Love Notes You Know Exactly Where You Misplaced   
a mini poetry zine by Alfredo Landa. 7 loves, 7 poems. Very cute.
a poetry zine featuring 12 Boise writers by Samo~Supertramp and Sparky Sparx

Witch Bitch Issue #1
a mini perzine by Jeana Harris about the weekend of her Grandmother's death and coming off of anti-depressants.
Your Beautiful Bruised Legs Issue #3
The latest issue of the collaborative poetry zine featuring writing by Cody Brown, Marisa Mejia and Jeana Harris.
Intro To Marxism
a 24-page introduction to Marx's analysis of Capitalism for beginners! Learn about class, capitalism, means of production & reproduction, the proletariat, exploitation and more.